Date: 21 May to 8 Jun 2016 (Close on Mondays)
Time: 12.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue: Buddhist Library, Level 1 Art Gallery
Admission is Free. All are Welcome

Thangka Art Exhibition 2016

Live demonstration of Thangka Art making by Puskar Lama

Puskar Bahadur Tamang (Puskar Lama), born in 1979, is the name inseparably linked to the painting of thangka.  Since childhood, Mr Tamang has been attracted to thangkas and its spiritual aspect.  Thangka was the path for him to gain knowledge, wisdom and social values. These factors lead him to plunge into the art of thangka. When he was barely 14 yrs old, he was motivated not only by its spirituality and self enlightenment but by his love of art, religion and culture. His school of art has become the natural choice for monasteries, collectors, devotees of the thangka art spreading messages of buddha.

IMG_20160524_130718 IMG_20160524_130701 Thangka Art pic 1 Thangka Art pic 2 Thangka Art pic 3 Thangka Art pic 4 Thangka Art pic 5

*Partial proceeds from the sales of all the Thangka Art pieces will be given to the Buddhist Library Building Fund.