“Dana simply means performing acts of charity with a good will or pure volition. It may also be in the form of service or teaching or instruction, etc. …The donor at the same time acquires merit as wholesomeness, delight rejoicing, gladness and happiness in his mind.”
– Sayadaw U Panna Dipa

Volunteering is very much a part of dana (i.e. giving). It entails the offering of one’s time and the provision of services for the benefit of others. The motivation when volunteering must be virtuous and wholesome generosity. It should be truly selfless compassion and altruistic.

One should be pro-active and come forward when volunteering. The service provided should not be conditional and should be offered to all who are in need, i.e. with equanimity.

Do let us know if you would like to Volunteer Your Services and Time to the Buddhist Library (BL) in any of the following areas:

  1. Volunteer Trainers: To take on the role of in-house trainers for selected Dhamma courses.
  2. Volunteer Teachers: To take on the regular role of Dhamma teachers in the BL Sunday School.
  3. <