Membership Information

The Buddhist Library is a non-sectarian organisation and serves as a centre for devotees of all Buddhist schools and all those interested to learn, discuss and share Buddhist Dhamma.

Membership is open to all. The Buddhist Library’s Reading Room is open to the general public. However, the books are loaned to Library members only.

Membership Privileges

Library Membership privileges also include:

  • Access to extensive collection of Books, Journals and Publications on Buddhism
  • Priority Invitation to Courses on Buddhism and Dhamma Activities
  • Discounts on selected activities and courses
  • Special blessing services by Bhante upon request

Subscription Fees

Life Membership
$500 (ONE TIME)
Senior Citizen (60 years & above)
乐龄 (六十岁以上)
$20 $10
$60 $10
NSF, Tertiary, Secondary and Primary School Students
$20 $10

Ordinary Membership

  1. Membership refers to membership of the Buddhist Library and not Buddhist Research Society
  2. Membership is non-transferable
  3. The member must show his/her NRIC or passport (for foreigners) to the counter staff when borrowing a book.
  4. Each member is allowed to borrow up to a maximum of two books at any one time. The loan period is two weeks. Thereafter, the borrower may renew the loan for a further two weeks.
  5. Renewal of loans can be done by either bringing the book to the library or informing the library’s counter staff by telephone.
  6. A charge of ten cents per day per book will be imposed for overdue loans.
  7. Books borrowed shall be maintained and returned in good condition. The member must inform the Librarian should any book be damaged or lost. The member shall be liable to pay a sum equal to the price of the book that is damaged or lost.
  8. Reference books are not to be taken out of the library.
  9. Silence and proper conduct should be maintained within the library premises at all times and handphone must be switched off.
  10. Renewal of membership is not allowed if: overdue books have not been returned by the member, fines for overdue loans have not been paid, lost books have not been paid for.
  11. For the first year, membership fee will be pro-rated from the month of joining to the end of the year on a monthly basis.
  12. Membership renewal fee is calculated from January to December.
  13. The member must pay all arrears of renewal fees. No waiver is allowed.
  14. The library’s management committee reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time.

Life Membership

Above terms and conditions except clauses (j), (k) & (l) will apply to life members.

Join Membership

Download the membership form and send it to us or contact us for more information.

Membership Renewal

Download the membership renewal form and send it to us or contact us for more information.

Photo credit: Tan Yew Beng