Puja is a Pali word, which means ‘honour, worship and devotional attention’.

Devotion and customary services refine the emotions and integrate the heart with the intellect. They help to generate faith and energy to maintain one’s commitment to practice.

Puja service takes place every Sunday at 10 am. Puja is held in the Shrine Hall. It involves making offerings of candles, flowers and fruits, and chanting of the Suttas in Pali and English. The chants include both doctrine and devotional offering.

The Puja is followed by a Dhamma talk given by Bhante or an eminent guest speaker.

The Puja Book used in the Sunday devotional service is available for downloading:
PDF version of the Puja Book

Regular Puja

Sunday Puja in English: Every Sunday at 10am

Monthly Full-moon Puja in English: Every Full Moon Day

2020 Full-Moon Puja
9 Jan (Thur) Dhajagga Paritta

(Banner Protection)

8 Feb (Sat) Khanda Paritta

(Protection of the Aggregates)

8 Mar (Sun)

Mettānisamsa Sutta

(Discourse on Advantages of Loving Kindness) &

Mittānisamsa Sutta

(Discourse on Advantages of Friendship)

7 Apr (Tue)

Mahākasspa Thera Bojjhan̥ga

(Discourse on Factors of Enlightenment to Ven. Mahā Kassapa Thera)

Maha Moggallana Thera Bojjhan̥ga

(Discourse on Factors of Enlightenment to Ven. Maha Mogallana)

6 Jun (Sat)

Girimananda Sutta

(Discourse to Ven. Girimananda)

5 Jul (Sun) Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta

(Setting in motion the Wheel of Truth)

4 Aug (Tue)

Maha Samaya Sutta

(The Mighty Assembly)

2 Sep (Wed) Ālavaka Sutta
(Discourse to Ālavaka)
1 Oct (Thur)

Kasībhāradvāja Sutta

(Discourse to Kasībhāradvāja)

31 Oct (Sat)

Maha Sacca Vibhanga

(The Analysis of the Truth)

29 Nov (Sun)


(The Buddha’s Mission)

29 Dec (Tue)

Atthavisati Paritta

(Protective chant of Twenty-Eight Buddhas)

11.30am – 12.30pm Dana for Venerables 供养法师
7.30pm – 8.00pm Chanting of Sutta 诵念巴利文经
8.00pm -8.30pm Chanting of Special Suttas 诵念特别巴利文经
8.30pm – 9.00pm Meditation & Short Dhamma Talks 禅修和法师开示

* As Vesak Day falls on 7 May, there will be no Full Moon Puja on that day.

Full-moon dana for the resident monks can also be offered during Full-moon days at 11.30am. *Those who are interested to sponsor the Puja or Dana can contact our staff.

Different Suttas from the list below will be used for chanting during Full-moon days. Samples of Mangala Sutta, Metta Sutta, and Maha Moggalamatthera Bojjhanga Sutta from Bhante Dhammaratana can be heard by clicking the selected Suttas below.

Join us in our weekly Sunday Puja that starts at 10am. The Puja starts with Pali chanting and follows with Dhamma talks in English by resident Bhante.

The monthly Full-moon Puja starts at 7.30 pm and is led by residential Bhante. The Chanting & Meditation is followed by refreshments.

Mahayana Services in Mandarin lead by Venerable Yuan Qing are held at the Library every Saturday at 7:30 pm.

*Those who are interested to sponsor the Puja or Dana can contact our staff.

Photo credit: Tan Yew Beng

Puja for Special Occasions

Pujas are also held and led by residential Bhante on Vesak Day, Dhamma Day, Kathina Day & Chinese New Year (first day).

Mahayana special services lead by Venerable Yuan Qing are held for Cheng Beng, Seventh Month and Medicine Buddha Day.

Join us on these special and significant days. You may wish to make a donation or sponsor offering at to the Library on these days.

Photo credit: Tan Yew Beng