A 10-part course designed to provide guidance to participants on how key aspects of the Buddha’s teachings apply in our daily lives.

The intake for year 2017 will be updated shortly.
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Who should attend?

For those who wish to know more about the basics of Buddhism.


Buddhism as we see it today

  • General concepts- religion or atheistic?
  • Comparison with other spiritual movements
  • Its relevance in today’s secular context

The Founder

  • Life of Gautama the Buddha
  • His lifelong work
  • His contributions to the world
  • Significance of “Buddhahood”

The Core teachings

  • Why the teaching of the four Noble Truths
  • Understanding the concept of suffering
  • How to cope in today’s context

The Path

  • The Middle Path
  • The three Aspects of the Path
  • The methodology to escape from rounds of rebirth
  • Mind Transformation- Meditation

The Doctrine (I)

  • The Tipitaka (3 Baskets)
  • Evidence of authenticity- historical

The Doctrine (II)

  • The 3 Characteristics of existence
  • Concept of the Five Aggregates
  • The Theory of Kamma and Rebirth

The Moral Development

  • The five, eight and ten precepts
  • The Triple Gem
  • Taking the precepts
  • Leading a moral life

The Middle Doctrine

  • Doctrine of Dependent Origination
  • Applications and implications to a modern lifestyle

The Facets of Buddhism

  • A look at Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana concepts and teachings
  • Rituals, ceremonies and culture

Facing the world

  • Applying Buddhism in a modern setting
  • Looking into human lifespan in the Buddhist context
  • Tackling death and the dying process