Relationship Course: Cultivating better understanding, empathy and kindness between couples
Date: 1 – 22 Jul 2023 (four Saturdays)
Time: 3 – 5PM
Venue: The Buddhist Library
(Update as of 22 Jun) Limited, additional slots available. Click to register.

About this program

Character changes, beauty does not last, wealth and social status are not guaranteed for life.  So how do couples in a long-term relationship (including marriage) stay happy and committed to each other, and remain motivated to see each other through thick and thin?  Is love enough?  Does intelligence, wealth and beauty play an important part in a relationship?

Research has shown that happily married couples are neither smarter, richer, more attractive nor more psychologically astute than other couples.  Instead, couples that stay happily married are those who have somehow hit a right dynamic that keeps negative thoughts about each other from overwhelming the positive thoughts.  Is it that simple? Yes, but getting the right dynamics require, amongst other things, a right moral attitude, right effort and right understanding.  These qualities are skills that can be learned, practiced and maintained throughout a relationship.

This experiential workshop, which is based on dhamma concepts, will provide you and your partner with the right knowledge and tools to help both of you adapt to change, improve communication and understanding, in order to attain the right dynamics in your relationship, and cultivate joy, peace and contentment.

Who is this program for?

Open to all couples (including long-married couples, couples who are planning to marry, those who have just started a relationship, etc.)

What are the sessions like?

Typical sessions would include teaching, reflective exercises as well as Q&A.

About the facilitator