The Wheel of the Dhamma

Author: A.D.M Buddhadasa

This is a jewel of a discourse which brings immense fruit and benefit even when learnt, memorized and recited. Hence, it can be evaluated in many ways. Who so ever endowed with faith and wisdom diverts his searching mind towards the gems of Dhamma to be found within the province of Dhamma covered by this discourse will find that it is a veritable gold mine, a wrightly ocean, a treasure Lahouse of gems. The holy sages of old such as Sariputta Mahathero, the Field Marshal of Dhamma (ie Dhamma Senapathi) who pondered over this great ocean of a Discourse, dived deep down to its bottom and brought up various gems of meaning which he shared with the world.



Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Format: Paperback | 312 pages
Publication Date: First Published 1998
Publisher: Bauddha Kalyanamitra Society
Publication City, Country: Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

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