Life of Gotama The Buddha

Author: B. Dhammaratana, Senarath Vijayasunara

“The story of Gotama. The Buddha is one which has been told in countless languages down through the ages. It would not be surprising therefore of if much of the original had been lost in the jungle of words. In fact the story as told on these pages reads clearly and gives a vivid human picture of life in the India of 2500 years ago. It is fascinating story. As a Christian educator, I am happy that my Buddhist colleague the Venerable B. Dhammaratana and Mr. Senarat Wijayasundara Assitant Editor of ‘Encyclopadia of Buddhism’ write in simple comptemporary English the story of the Gotama. What can be more striking than the truth about the humanity of the great teacher of the Ages. His extraordinary insight, namely, that desire is the root of evil has immeasurably enriched all mankind. The Spirit of Truth was surely at work in the life of the Buddha as it is at work in his contemporary disciple. All of us, Buddhist, Christian, Confucianist, Hindu and Muslim are the better for having available to us this beautiful story. It gives us each a different insight into our own common nature. Venerable Dhammaratana helps me to be a better Christian. He helps my pupils to be better human beings. For this, I thank him.”

Bro Joseph McNally
Former Principal of St. Patrick’s School Singapore



Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Format: Paperback | 147 pages
Publication Date: First Edition 1984
Publisher: Kowah Printing & Publishing Co
Publication City, Country: Singapore
ISBN10: ISBN 9971838559


About The Author

Ven. Bellanwila Dhammaratana, B.A. Hons was appointed as the Vice-Principal of the Sunetra Mahadevi Degree College in 1964. He was invited to Singapore by a Buddhist Society in 1971 to help in the propagation of Buddhism. Besides performing his temple duties, he branched off by teaching the Dhamma in St Patrick’s Secondary School in 1972.

Upon the invitation from the Singapore Buddhist Federation he started teaching Buddhism to the students of Manjusri Secondary School in 1982. When Buddhist Studies was introduced as a school subject in Secondary Schools, he was one of the lecturers of the first course on Buddhist Studies conducted for Secondary School teachers at Manjusri School organised by the Buddhist Federation. Not only is he the religious Advisor to Tisarana Buddhist Association, he is also the Advisor in the Publication Section of the Buddhist Research Society.

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