Economics in Buddhist Perspective

Author: Senatrat Wijnyasudara

This Essay is an outgrowth of a Talk given sometime back at a Seminar organized by the Sri Lanka Buddhist Congress. Of late the attempt to determine the Buddhist position in relation to Economics has aroused a keen interest among Buddhist scholars and as a result of that a good number of contributions have been made. In this Essay I venture to look at the subject in general terms. Here I have incorporated what I published elsewhere while adding new material in order to make the discussion as comprehensive as it could be. My sincere thanks go to the Venerable B Dhammaratana Thera Chief Incumbent of the Bellanvila Raja Mahaviharaya in Sri Lanka and Religious Advisor of Tisarana Buddhist Association of Singapore who kindly saw to the publication of this Essay which tries to clarify the position of the Buddha on this important issue.



Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Format: Paperback | 24 pages
Publication Date: First Edition 1985
Publisher: Buddhist Research Society
Publication Country: Singapore

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