Buddhist Snippets

Author: Jeffrey G.T.Po

This book is about the sharing of personal thoughts and views of Jeffrey and those of some important Buddhist personalities whom he met in Singapore. Some of these views and thoughts carry messages of the Lord Buddha Gotama while others were observations and opinions of individuals subsequently expressed in the written form many had been submitted to the “FOR YOU INFORMATION” magazine for publication. The loftiness of the philosophical idealism and psychological depth of Buddhism can sometimes by outside the reaches of people. Here Jefferey shares his personal experiences and feelings that brings Buddhism to a more mundane level. The essays herein covered a wide range of interests and ought to create some stir within the reader. It is written in simple style and readers should not find the ideas and concepts expressed therein difficult to grasp and understand. They are useful life skills that can be employed to navigate in the sea of uncertainties.



Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Format: Paperback | 273 pages
Publication Date: First Edition 2009
Publisher: Regional Human Skills
Publication Country: Singapore
ISBN10: ISBN 9789810809713


About The Author

Jeffrey Po- PHD, started “looking for God” at the age of 18. He eventually found the answer- “God” existed only in the minds of those who find comfort in entertaining such a concept. Today, Jeffrey runs a successful family business, offers private counselling services and provides meditation programmes. He received formal education in the field of Telecommunication engineering but along the way he obtained his doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Though he had been dead serious in trying to “find God” and somehow felt that he may have existed, he eventually immersed himself in the atheistic direction of engaging himself in Buddhist studies and practices. He was the Hon. Secretary of the Buddhist Research Society , Singapore. He is now a member of its management committee. He is a Dhamma and Abhidhamma (Buddhist psychology) trainer and runs regular classes and workshops on behalf of the organisation. He is the resident contributor for the FOR YOU INFORMATION magazine.

Jeffery is involved in community and grassroot social work. Among other things he provides counselling, befriending, mentoring services to prison inmates and those in drug rehabilitation centres and the army detention camps. Weekly he meets residents in Kebun Baru constituency to provide them with social support and referrals to other service organisations. He has also lectured students pursuing their Diploma, Specialised Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and Diploma, Specialist Diploma and Bachelors (Hons) in Applied Psychology. He is a registered member and practitioner of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapist and a certified Neuro-Linguistic and Time Line Therapy Practitioner. He is also a registered clinical member of the Australian Counselling Association, The American Psychological Association and The Gerontological Society of America.

Jeffrey has written and published ” The Buddhist Companion” and another entitled “SMS- Therapy” is currently under preparation. He is the creator and initiator of “SMS- Therapy” – a life skill to enhance better interpersonal relationship between people. “SMS- Therapy”has been registered as a trademark and owned by Jeffrey.

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