An Introduction to Buddhism

Author: Ven Dr. H Saddhatissa

“An Introduction to Buddhism” written by the reputable Buddhist scholar, Ven. Dr. H. Saddhatissa, author of many well-known publications, provides a very concise explaination of the Fundamental Teachings of the Buddha which can be easily understood by all. The reader will find it an extremely valuable handbook, as it offers a sound foundation to the basic tenants of Buddhism. I therefore, feel that copies of this book should be made available as a gift of Dhamma to all those who desire to study and practise Buddhism. Fortunately, the author has freely given us his permission to reprint his book in Singapore. I take this opportunity to express my most sincere thanks to him for his kind and generous gesture. Ven. B. Dhammaratana Thero (Advisor of Buddhist Research Society Publication Committee.)


Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Format: Paperback | 31 pages
Publisher: Buddhist Research Society
Publication Country: Singapore
ISBN10: ISBN 9971836270

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