Advice from A Spirtual Friend

Author: Geshe Rabten & Geshe Dhargyey

These teachings on thought transformation encompass the essence of Mahayana Buddhism, the school of Buddhism that emphasizes compassionate activity and focuses on the welfare and enlightenment of all beings. Thought transformation has its origin in the spiritual transmissions passed on by the Indian pandit Atisha to his Tibetan disciples in the first century of the second millennium A.D. Its significance to a life of dignity, honesty, and intelligence is as vital now when we enter the third millennium as it was then. It was the down-to-earth practicality and the universal nature of the advice that initially struck me and has led to these teachings becoming part of my life.



Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Format: Paperback | 154 pages
Publication Date: First Edition 1977
Publisher: Brian Beresford
Publication Country: United States of America
ISBN10: ISBN 0861711076

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