Date: 14 Feb 2016 (Sun)
Time: 10.00am
Venue: The Buddhist Library, 佛教图书馆
Fees: Free of Charge

Paramita Meditation Centre
Welcomes the New Year with a Brand New Website!

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change. ”
– Gautama Buddha

Happy Lunar New Year and best wishes to one and all!

As we welcome 2016, it is my hope that more people learn to meditate.

Central to the teachings of the Buddha is this practice of settling down the mind in order to see things as they really are. This allows us to stop and notice the endless stream of thoughts that occupy the space of the ordinary mind, which causes us endless pain and discomfort like anger, jealousy, discontentment and depression. We now have a choice to train the mind in a new, better way of being. This training is called Meditation.

More than 20 years ago, I started with an aspiration to build a Meditation Centre for International Visitors in Sri Lanka. With unwavering support from many sponsors over the years, Paramita Meditation Centre has since grown from its humble beginnings as an abandoned tea plantation into a place of quiet solitude for those seeking a pause, clarity and purpose, away from their busy urban environment.

Our vision is to provide a nurturing place for learning and self-discovery for all – hence the name – Paramita, which in Sanskrit, refers to the art and practice of cultivating universal values of generosity, virtue, patience, diligence, contemplation and wisdom in every aspect of life.

Today, I present to you our brand new website which I hope will inspire you to come forth for a visit and to deepen your practice.

Come visit this website to discover the facilities that we have put together over the years, or discover 10 Good Reasons why you should meditate. Or perhaps sign up for an upcoming Vipassana Meditation Retreat in June.

Whatever the reason, I hope you will visit the site, and perhaps be inspired or inspire others to practice meditation.

With Metta,
Bhante Bellanwila Dhammaratana Maha Thero

7-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat for Beginners

06 – 13 June 2016
Conducted by our founder Bhante Bellanwila Dhammaratana

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