Date: 7 Feb (Sun) to 21 Feb (Sun) 2016
Time: *refer to schedule below
Venue: The Buddhist Library

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The Chinese New Year activities are as follow:

New Year House Blessing Service by Bhante

New Year House Blessing Service will commence from 2nd Day (9 February 2016)
of Chinese New Year onwards. Please contact counter staff for an appointment.


法师从年初二 (二月九日) 起将进行一年一度的住家祝福活动。


Programme 节目

7 Feb, Sun (Chinese New Year Eve) (年除夕)
9pm – 10pm Special Chinese New Year Puja & Chanting led by Bhante Dhammaratana
8 Feb, Mon (1st Day of Chinese New Year 年初一)
8.00am – 9.00am Blessings By Ven .B. Dhammaratana
11am – 11.30am Puja in Pali & English诵经法会(巴利文与英文)
11.30am – 11.45am Dhamma Talk 佛法开示
11.45am Dana for Monks 供养法师
6.30pm Evening Puja in Pali & English by Ven B Dhammaratana & Ven Wimalajothi
8.00pm 初一, 由远青法师带领诵《八十八佛》
Chanting in Chinese By Ven Yuan Qing
9 Feb, Tue (2nd Day of Chinese New Year 年初二)
6.30am – 8.30am Library opens for blessings 图书馆从上午六点半至八点半
开放给公众人士祝福[Buddhist Library will be closed for the rest of the day]
10 Feb, Wed (3rd Day of Chinese New Year 年初三)
Library resumes normal opening hours 图书馆照常开放
20 Feb, Sat (13th Day of Chinese New Year 年初十三)
Venue: Tai Pei Old People’s Home- No.10, Jalan Ampas Singapore 329510
21 Feb, Sun (14 th Day of Chinese New Year) (年初十四)
10.00am Puja
11.30am Chinese New Year Gathering Lunch 新春团拜