Date: Every Fri, from 3 Apr to 12 June 2015 for 11 sessions
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Buddhist Library, Level 2 Seminar Room
Fees: $20 Public, BL Members FREE Trainers: Ven. Dhammaratana, Ven. Wimalajothi, Dr. Chandima, Dr. Tham Weng Yew, Dr. Wong Weng Fai, Mr. Wee Sin Tho, Ms. Evelyn Goh, & Ms. Liew Chai Hoon

About the Course

Discover the Wonders of Buddhism through this 11 classes in Basic Buddhism from our Venerables, as well as Dharma Brothers & Sisters of the Buddhist Library;

The Core Teachings
– Why the teaching of The Four Noble Truths
– Understanding the concept of suffering
– How to cope in today’s context

The Founder – Life of Gautama Buddha
– His lifelong work
– His contributions to the world
– Significance of “Buddhahood”

The Doctrine – 3 Characteristics of existence
– Concept of 5 Aggregates
– The theory of Kamma and Rebirth

The Doctrine (I)
The Tipitaka (3 Baskets)
– Evidence of Authenticity – historical

The 3 Facets of Buddhism
– A look at Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana concepts & teachings
– Rituals, ceremonies and culture

The Middle Doctrine
– Doctrine of Dependent Origination
– Applications and implications to a modern lifestyle

The Path
– The Middle Path    
The three aspects of the Path
The methodology to escape from rounds of rebirth 
Mind transformation – Meditation      

Buddhism as we see it today
– General Concepts – religion or atheistic?
– Comparison with other spiritual movements
– Its relevance in today’s secular context

The Moral Development    
– The five, eight and ten precepts
– The Triple Gem
– Taking the precepts
– Leading a moral life

Mental Cultivation

Facing the World
– Applying Buddhism in modern day setting
– Looking into human lifespan in the Buddhist Context
– Tackling death and the dying process