Date: 18 Feb, Wed (CNY Eve) to 21 Feb, Sat
Date: 28 Feb, Sat (Visit to Tai Pei Old Folks’ Home)
Date: 1 Mar, Sun (CNY Gathering)
Time: Refer to details Venue: Buddhist Library
Fees: Free Admission

Visit to Tai Pei Old Folks Home Video

Visit to Tai Pei Old Folks Home Photo Gallery

Activities for Chinese New Year 新年活动

18 Feb, Wed (Chinese New Year Eve 年除夕)
9pm – 10pm Special Chinese New Year Puja & Chanting led by Ven B. Dhammaratana
19 Feb, Thur (1st Day of Chinese New Year 年初一)
8am – 9am Blessing by Ven. B Dhammaratana
11am – 11.30am Puja in Pali & English
11.30am – 11.45am Dhamma Talk
11.45am – 12pm Dana for Monks
6.30pm Evening Puja in Pali & English by Ven B Dhammaratana
8pm Chanting in Chinese by Ven Yuan Qing
20 Feb, Fri (2nd Day of Chinese New Year 年初二)
6.30am- 8.30am Library opens for blessings (Buddhist Library will be closed for the rest of the day)
21 Feb, Sat (3rd Day of Chinese New Year)
12noon- 9pm Library will resume normal operating hours