Date: 22 Nov 2015 (Sun)
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Open Field in front of Aljunied MRT Station

2015 佛教图书馆家庭日义卖会




The Buddhist Library Family Day 2015

The Buddhist Library will hold its Family Day funfair on 22 November 2015 (Sunday) at the open ground in front of Aljunied MRT. We have exciting programmes for all at the coming funfair with lots of new games, food and souvenir stalls. We believed that you and your family will enjoy this fun filled day with us.

The annual funfair is one of the most important fund raising events for the Buddhist Library as all proceeds will go towards payment of our existing mortgage. We need your support in order to make this event a success. There are two ways in which you can help out financially. You may either sponsor part of the expenses or you can purchase the funfair tickets.

This year, we added an option for you to gain some merits by donating funfair tickets for the elderly at THK Bedok SAC. We thank you for your kind support!

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