Date: Every Mon from 6 Jul 2015 onwards for 8 sessions
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Buddhist Library, Level 2 Seminar Room Fees: $15 (one time registration fee)
BL Members: $80, Non Members: $160
Facilitator: Mr. Tan Yew Beng
*Course is conducted in English
2nd Intake – registration is closed.

About Buddhist Library Art Interest Group

Buddhist Library Art Interest Group – Integrating Buddhism in your Daily Life

As the Sixth Patriarch Master Huineng says in a verse, ‘The Buddha Dharma is right here in the world, there is no awakening apart from this world.’ A well-known verse among Buddhists that clearly states that enlightenment can only be attained from this world. Truth seekers will be fruitless if they turn away from the Buddha Dharma. Buddhism is not simply a flawless philosophy but a path meant to be taken by those who seek the truth. Only through applying the Buddha Dharma in your daily life would you be able to be considered as practicing Buddhism.

As such, The Buddhist Library has recently focused its efforts to integrate Buddhism into the daily lives of Buddhists through the promotion of the arts – after all, is not the Dharma the art of living happily?  Through this effort, we hope to strengthen the bonds between different social clusters, preserving multi-racial tradition arts, and most importantly integrating Buddhism into the daily lives of Buddhists. Its first project “Añjasa- Unravel the Wonders of Buddhist Monuments”, an Indian dance theatre production was a sold-out performance. We are very excited to now introduce the “Buddhist Library Art Interest Group”.

Leading the “Art Interest Group” is Singapore’s very own veteran watercolour painter Mr. Tan Yew Beng. We hope to attract Buddhists and artists alike to join the interest group. Even if one don’t become a watercolour master through this course, we hope the participants will gain better insight and appreciation of this classical art form.



为此,佛教图书馆近年來弘扬佛法之重要理念便是【以艺弘法】。佛教图书馆所设的活动将融入社区文化。希望以此活动能加强社区凝聚力,保留多元种族传统文化,和最重要的是把佛法融入佛教徒的日常生活里。毕竟佛法不也是一门让人身心愉快的生活艺术吗?佛教图书馆以2015年1月23日圆满举办了一场传统印度舞蹈剧《AÑJASA- 悟道之旅》,开始了迈向【以艺弘法】的第一步。


About the Course

1st Session: Shading in pencils. The equipment, like different grades of pencil lead, kneadable eraser and blending tool made with roll up paper will be introduced. This will be followed by a demo on the techniques using pencil pressure and different grades of lead to achieve gradations in grey. Drawing a still life arrangement will follow and participants will be asked to complete the drawing by shading.

2nd Session: Perspective – theories to illustrate 1 point, 2 point and multiple points perspectives will be explained. Participants will first be given a photo to copy. The photo will test to see if they are able to observe the effects of perspective. The theory of perspective will follow to illustrate how to achieve perspectives in their drawings.

3rd Session: Mixing colours to illustrate the colour theory taught in previous lesson. This should illustrate how mud colours arise and at the same time to show how to mix vibrant secondary and tertiary colours.

4th Session: How to create textures in watercolours. Using salt, wax, masking fluid, and brush techniques like dry brushing and using wet in wet techniques to achieve atmospheric effects.

5th Session: Planning a painting with watercolours. A step-by-step follow-the-instructor painting exercise will be done using a coloured photo as reference.

6th Session: Painting portraits in watercolours. Participants will be asked to bring a photo of a person or photo of their pets for drawing and painting in class.

7th Session: Drawing nature. This is a further exercise in drawing flowers, fruits, vegetables and rendering them in either pencils, charcoal or in watercolours. There is no substitute for practice and so this lesson will hopefully reinforce the skill they have thus far acquires. Participants will then have the option to use any of the media introduced thus far to finish their drawing.

8th Session: Ink and wash. Very useful techniques especially when one is travelling and time constraints allow for only sketches and quick splash of colours to be used. The equipment for this exercise will be introduced.

The Facilitator: Mr. Tan Yew Beng

Having enrolled in courses by the National University of Singapore’s Extra Mural Studies Department, Yew Beng studied watercolour painting under Ong Kim Seng and Peh Eng Seng, both are Singapore’s renowned watercolour artists. Yew Beng is also a former general secretary of the Singapore Watercolour Society (SWS) and a veteran in watercolour painting, who had his paintings displayed at the SWS 32nd Annual Art Exhibition in 2001. In 1997, Yew Beng donated a painting of Ann Siang Hill at the SIA-MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) Charity Gala Dinner & Dance that was successfully auctioned off at a good price.