Date: 21 May 2016 (Sat)
Time: 8.00am to 9.00pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library, 佛教图书馆
Fees: FOC, All are welcome 入场免费

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*Special Puja on 20 May, Fri (Eve of Vesak Day), 7.30pm

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Thangka Art Exhibition – 21 May to 8 Jun 2016

Live demonstration of Thangka Art making by Puskar Lama on 21 May.

Puskar Bahadur Tamang (Puskar Lama), born in 1979, is the name inseparably linked to the painting of thangka.  Since childhood, Mr Tamang has been attracted to thangkas and its spiritual aspect.  Thangka was the path for him to gain knowledge, wisdom and social values. These factors lead him to plunge into the art of thangka. When he was barely 14 yrs old, he was motivated not only by its spirituality and self enlightenment but by his love of art, religion and culture. His school of art has become the natural choice for monasteries, collectors, devotees of the thangka art spreading messages of buddha.

Thangka Art pic 1 Thangka Art pic 2 Thangka Art pic 3 Thangka Art pic 4 Thangka Art pic 5

Donations for THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly

We will be giving ang baos and goodie bags for the THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly. We will also be providing 2 way transportation to share the joy of Vesak by ferrying them to the Library for lunch. As such, we seek your support to donate any amount to defray these costs.

Ways to donate:

By Cheque- Please make payment to “Buddhist Research Society”. Kindly indicate “Donation for THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly” at the back of the cheque.

By Cash/Nets- Please inform the counterstaff that the donation is for THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly for Vesak Day 2560.




以支票付款,请把支票开给”Buddhist Research Society”,并在支票后面注明捐赠给“德教太和观家庭服务中心(勿洛北)”。


Time Activity
8am Morning Puja & Blessings (English & Pali)
法会和僧众祈福 (以巴利文和英文诵念)
9am Chanting of “Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Text” (Chinese)
led by Ven Seck Wan Chin
10am – Flower Arrangement demo & Offerings – join us to create your personal flower arrangement/offering for the Buddha, led by Bro Ken*
– Opening Ceremony of Thangka Art Exhibition 唐卡艺术展开幕仪式
10.30am Bathing Prince Siddhartha 浴佛
11am Puja Chanting & Blessings (English & Pali)
11.30am Vesak Address by Bhante Dhammaratana followed by
Dana for Mahasangha
12pm Vegetarian Lunch 素食午餐
1pm Performances by BL Sunday School
1.30pm Blessings by Bhantes (runs till 6.30pm)
僧众祈福(到 6.30pm为止)
3pm Tea Break 茶点招待
3.30pm Movie Screening Amongst White Clouds
7pm Candle Light Procession 传灯仪式
7.30pm Puja Chanting & Blessings
8pm Dharma Talk 45 years of Buddha’s Mission by Bhante Dhammaratana
8.45pm Light Refreshments 茶点招待

*limited sets 数量有限