Date: Every Friday 每逢星期五
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue: Buddhist Library, Art Gallery Level 1
 Course is FREE. Conducted in Mandarin. 课程免费。此课程将以中文讲解。
Brought to you by The Buddhist Library & Zhong Hua Cultural Society (Singapore)
* Min 10 families are needed to start a class

About Di Zi Gui

以1080字的短小篇幅,列出我们人生的113件事情,涵盖在家、出外、待人接物、求学应有的礼仪与规范,其中包含许多做人的根本道理,可作为人生的必修课。 《弟子规》背诵是手段,力行是目 的。通过学习、力行,树立正确的人生观及价值观,将《弟子规》落实到生活、工作、学习和待人处事接物中。从修身、齐家开始,敦伦尽份,扎好做人的根本,从而带动社会良善风气,经营幸福美满的人生、促进社会和谐!

Di Zi Gui in English means Standards for Being a Good Student and Child. It listed out 113 sets of recommended standards, in just 1080 Chinese words, covering the standards of our conduct, right attitude & behaviour – at home, away from home, our dealing with others, the way we study, etc.,

Reciting Di Zi Gui is the mean, practising it is the way. Through learning, practising and inculcating right attitudes and values, we hope to realise Di Zi Gui as our way of life at work, at school, as well as in dealing with people and with all matters. Beginning with improving ourselves and our families and dutifully fulfilling and observing the societal relationships, while guarding and practising these basic principles and values firmly with us, ultimately enhancing a better social environment and quality of life leading to a happy life, and building a harmonious and peaceful society.