Update: due to popular demand, we are opening up a few more slots for Lower Pri class. Last day to register: Sat 13 Jul 2024
Date: Sundays from Jul 7 to Oct 6 (classes every 2 weeks)
Time: 2-3.30PM
Venue: The Buddhist Library
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About this program

Start your children on their journey learning about mindfulness and how to apply the wisdom of the Buddha in their daily lives!

In 2024, experienced mindfulness teacher Venerable Faxun 法巽法师 and the Buddhist Library’s dedicated Sunday School teachers will conduct the popular Mindfulness for Young Children programme. Suitable for children of school levels K1 all the way till Pri 6, the classes will include engaging and effective activities such as mindfulness games, Buddhist story-telling, meditation and activities on emotional well-being.

 About the classes

  • The class will be divided into two: K1 to P2 as of 2024 and P3 to P6 as of 2024
    Note: last day to sign up for Lower Pri is Sat 13 Jul 2024.
  • All lessons will be in English and Mandarin, so your children will get to practice and be exposed to some Mandarin
  • Provisions will be made for non-Mandarin speakers so they are also engaged fully.

Key programmes and highlights as follows:

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindfulness Games/ Activities / Art and craft
  • Buddhist Story telling
  • Discussion on how to handle emotions
  • Developing emotional well being
  • Dhamma discussions for older children

Photos of our classes