Date: Tuesdays, 20 Feb to 7 May
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library Auditorium
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Meditation fosters a wider awareness, or mindfulness, that can provoke profound realization. Continuous practice can help cut through unhelpful misconceptions and encourage a more open, compassionate relationship with oneself and others. For this reason, Meditation practice is considered to have long-lasting Spiritual Wellness and benefits.

About this program

Receive comprehensive guidance in developing Mental Cultivation with simple and effective meditation practices. These techniques may help followers to experience relaxation, restore energy, recover physical health, and improve mental wellness.

Programme objectives

  • Study Mental Cultivation for self-awareness.
  • Navigate the thought process
  • Improve physical and mental health and wellness through Mental Cultivation
  • Elevate your life state and perspective
  • Learn compassion, wisdom, gratitude, and happiness for Wellness

Session topics and Calendar

Our current plan is as such:




1 Feb 20 Introduction to Mental Culture
2 Feb 27 Four Great Endeavours for Life
3 Mar 5 Mental Cultivation supported by Four Great Elements
4 Mar 12 Loving-Kindness Practice for Wellness
5 Mar 19 Mindfulness for Spiritual Wellness
6 Mar 26 Investigation for Spiritual Wellness
7 Apr 2 Energy for Spiritual Wellness
8 Apr 9 Rapture for Spiritual Wellness
9 Apr 16 Calmness for Spiritual Wellness
10 Apr 23 Immersion for Spiritual Wellness
11 Apr 30 Equanimity for Spiritual Wellness
12 May 7 Bare attention for Spiritual Wellness

Structure of Sessions
Sessions will comprise the following:

  • Opening Recital
  • Explanation and guidelines
  • Gradual Practice
  • Qs & As
  • Closing Recital and Blessing

Who is this program for?

  • The course is oriented toward beginners, but more experienced practitioners are welcome to join

About The Trainer