Date: 6 May 2018 (Sun)
Time: 11.30am to 2.00pm
Venue: Supreme Vege Pte Ltd
12 Queen Street Hotel Royal @ Queen
Hotel Royal @ Queens Singapore 188553

Level 3 Royal Ballroom

Fees: $50 per pax

Mother’s Day Celebration

Let’s celebrate Mother’s for the 10 types of kindnesses bestowed by the mother on the child:

The first is the kindness of providing protection and care while the child is in the womb.

The second is the kindness of bearing suffering during the birth.

The third is the kindness of forgetting all the pain once the child has been born.

The fourth is the kindness of eating the bitter herself and saving the sweet for the child.

The fifth is the kindness of moving the child to a dry place and lying in the wet herself.

The sixth is the kindness of suckling the child at her breast, nourishing and bringing up the child.

The seventh is the kindness of washing away the unclean.

The eight is the kindness of always thinking of the child when it has traveled far.

The ninth is the kindness of deep care and devotion.

The tenth is the kindness of ultimate pity and sympathy.

This Mother’s Day, join us in dedicating our gratitude to all mothers with a special Vegetarian Lunch Treat.

8 Course Vegetarian Menu:

五福临门 Cold Combination
牛蒡花生汤Burdock Root Soup with Bamboo Pith
麦香明虾 Deep Fried Golden Prawns with Oats Cereal
药材金菇肉 Steamed Monkey Head Mushroom with Chinese Herbs
双菇时蔬 Bailing Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables
娘惹鳕鱼 Cod Fish with Nonya Sauce
芋头梅菜扣肉包 Steamed Yam and Preserve Vegetables with Bun
杨枝甘露 Chilled Mango with Sago & Pomelo

*We will also be inviting Elderly who lives alone to join us on this day. Sponsorship for the Elderly tables, donations of gifts for the Elderly & Lucky Draw prizes will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us for details.