Date:  19 Apr 2019 (Good Friday)
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library, Auditorium
Fees: $15 (Lunch provided)
Trainers: Foo Siew Ee, Foo Siew Fong, M J Lee, Tan Sock Hoon
Consultant: Bhante Dhammaratana
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Why do people meditate? If I cannot calm down my mind with meditation on mindfulness of breathing, are there any other techniques I can use?

How do I develop better awareness of mind and body?  What are the differences between samātha (calmness) meditation & vipassanā (insight) meditation? If I want to start practising Dhamma, what do I do first?

This Meditation & Dhamma Retreat will give you the answers to these questions.  There will be guided meditation sessions introducing different themes as well as talks on the Dhamma practice with focus on meditation techniques.  This class is open to both meditators as well as those who wish to learn the basics of meditation.

Time Activity
9.00am Homage to Triple Gem
9.15am Meditation Session
9.45am Dhamma Talk: “Bhāvanā”(Mental Cultivation) Q & A
11.00am Mindfulness of Breathing meditation
11.30am Lunch
1.30pm Mettā Bhāvanā (Loving-Kindness Meditation)
2.15pm Dhamma Talk: “Contemplation of Body” (including meditation) Q & A
3.30pm Tea-break
3.45pm Contemplation of Loathsomeness of Body
4.30pm Q&A
4.45pm Transference of Merits
5.00pm End of Retreat

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