Date: 6 Jul to 27 Jul 2019 (Every Sat)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library, Level 2 Auditorium
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Character changes, beauty does not last, wealth and social status are not guaranteed for life.  So how do couples stay happily married, and remain motivated to see each other through thick and thin?  Is love enough?  Does intelligence, wealth and beauty play an important part in a marriage?  

Research has shown that happily married couples are neither smarter, richer, more attractive nor more psychologically astute than other couples.  Instead, couples that stay happily married are those who have somehow hit a right dynamic that keeps negative thoughts about each other from overwhelming the positive thoughts.  It is that simple? Yes, but getting the right dynamic requires, amongst other things, a right moral attitude, right effort and right understanding.  These qualities are skills that can be learned, practised and maintained throughout married life.  

“This experiential workshop, which is based on dhamma concepts, will provide you and your spouse with the right knowledge and tools to help both of you adapt to change, improve communication and understanding, in order to attain the right dynamic in your marriage, and cultivate marital joy and contentment. This workshop is suitable for 1) all couples regardless of how long you have been married; and 2) couples who are engaged or about to be married.”

About Sis Foo Siew Fong

About Sis Foo Siew Fong

“Facilitator : Sis Foo Siew Fong, partner of Eversheds Harryelias. Head, Family and Matrimonial Department. Author of  “When Marriages Break Down” and the General Editor of “Law and Practice of Family Law in Singapore.”

Sis Siew Fong is an accredited Singapore Mediation Centre mediator and sits on the panel of the Singapore Mediation Centre’s Collaborative Family Practice service, which is offered to help resolve family disputes outside the courtroom.

Sis Siew Fong also holds a Post Grad Diploma and a Masters of Arts (in Buddhist Studies). Together with her extensive knowledge on marital conflict, she is able to provide insight on the other spectrum of marital resolution.”