Date: 20 Aug 2021 to 29 Oct 2021 (Every Friday) *No class on 1 Oct 2021
Time: 7.30 pm to 9.15 pm
Join us via Zoom

The Dhamma Bites topic for the last two sessions on 22 & 29 Oct 2021 is “The 4th Noble Truth”. This will include an overview of the training involved in the Noble Eightfold Path as well as an appraisal of the Four Noble Truths as a whole:

1)      What are the eight factors in the Noble Eightfold Path and how are they dependent on and related to one another? Do we have to train in sequence, starting from Right View and ending with Right Concentration?

2)      Which comes first – the eight path factors or the threefold division of wisdom, morality and concentration?

3)      The Buddha named the Noble Eightfold Path as the Middle Way (also the Middle Path). Why did he use this term? Does it mean that we have to apply moderation in our spiritual practice?

4)      Why are the Four Noble Truths noble? Is the Four Noble Truths considered simple or profound in terms of doctrine and practice?

This topic on the 4th Noble Truth will serve as a good introduction to those who are new to the Dhamma. It will also be a good revision for those who have followed the series of Dhamma Bites topics on the 1st to 3rd Noble Truths and the various path factors.

We will begin the class by paying homage to the Buddha, Dhamma & Saṅgha, followed by an opening speech, then a guided meditation session. Dhamma Bites will be next, with a Q&A after that. The class will end with the sharing of merit. New participants do not need to have any meditation experience or Dhamma knowledge to join the class.

The gift of Dhamma exceeds all gifts. Sabbadānam̊ Dhammadānam̊ jināti

Develop a path to realise the Buddha’s teachings. In the book “Who Is My Self” by Ayya Khema, three conditions were listed for the practice of meditation to bear fruit: Firstly, to know our own dukkha, to recognise where it comes from, and how it operates in our lives; the second is to gain confidence in the Buddha’s teaching and to realise that we can take this path; and the third is to experience joy at the opportunity we have been given.

The Friday Meditation and Dhamma class mentors aim to help fulfil these conditions. And we do it by sharing the strength and beauty of the Buddha’s teachings in a simple, clear and digestible way, practising various meditation techniques as taught by the Buddha, and providing practical applications for everyday life. Through these weekly sessions, we hope to inspire in all participants an abiding curiosity, interest, and determination to explore the Dhamma and live life according to the Buddha’s teachings. It is never too late to start.

  1. Dana – 20 Aug 2021
  2. Dana (part 2) – 27 Aug 2021
  3. Third Noble Truth – 3 Sep 2021
  4. Third Noble Truth (part 2) – 10 Sep 2021
  5. Morality – 17 Sep 2021
  6. Morality (part 2) – 24 Sep 2021
  7. Chachakka Sutta – 8 Oct 2021
  8. Chachakka Sutta (part 2) – 15 Oct 2021
  9. The 4th Noble Truth – 22 Oct 2021

Class Mentors: Foo Siew Ee, Foo Siew Fong, Tan Sock Hoon

Consultant: Bhante Dhammaratana