Date: 2 Sep – 18 Nov 2021 (Every Thur) refer to schedule below
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Fees: FOC (BL Members), $50 (Non members)
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Discovering Buddhism is a basic Buddhism course conducted annually by The Buddhist Library for both practitioners who would like to keep in touch with the Dhamma and refresh their knowledge of various Dhamma concepts, as well as non-practitioners and beginners on the path who are interested to know more about Buddhism.

This weekly course aims to equip participants with fundamental knowledge of Buddhism which will be presented in a series of talks by experienced Sangha and lay teachers. The topics are carefully curated hence participants are strongly encouraged to attend all the weekly sessions to keep up with the course.

“What is Buddhism? Is it a religion or a way of life? How do we apply Buddhism in our daily lives?”

Learning without practice is of no worth.

Though much he recites the Sacred Texts, but acts not accordingly, that heedless man is like a cowherd who counts others’ kine. He has no share in the fruits of the Holy Life.

Though little he recites the Sacred Texts, but acts in accordance with the teaching, forsaking lust, hatred and ignorance, truly knowing, with mind well freed, clinging to naught here and here-after, he shares the fruits of the Holy Life.”

The Dhammapada- Yamaka Vagga

Date Topic
2 Sep Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha
Dr. Tham Weng Yew
9 Sep Five Precepts as moral principle for Buddhist lay followers
Bhante Wimalajothi
16 Sep The 1st Noble Truth about Suffering 
Sis Foo Siew Fong
23 Sep The 2nd Noble Truth about the Cause of Suffering
Sis Foo Siew Fong
30 Sep The 3rd Noble Truth about the End of Suffering
Sis Foo Siew Ee
 7 Oct The 4th Noble Truth about the Way Out of Suffering
Bhante Wimalajothi
14 Oct The 5 Aggregates
Bro Nikko Tan
21 Oct The 3 Universal Characteristics 
Dr. Wong Weng Fai
 28 Oct The Theory of Kamma and Rebirth
Dr. Wong Weng Fai
 4 Nov Why is Mental Cultivation important in the practice? 
Bro Nikko Tan
 11 Nov The different practice of Buddhism – A look at Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana Concepts & Teachings/Rituals, Ceremonies and Culture
Dr. Tham Weng Yew
 18 Nov Facing the World – Applying Buddhism in Modern Day Setting/ Looking into Human Lifespan in the Buddhist Context
Dr. Wong Weng Fai

How To Make Payment

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  3. Cheque – Please make cheque payable to “Buddhist Research Society” and mail the cheque to us. Please indicate behind your cheque  “Discovering Buddhism” as well as the following information:
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The Buddhist Library reserve the rights to change or cancel any part of the programme due to unforeseen circumstances. No cancellations will be accepted.