Date: 22 July 2018 (Sun)
Time: 10am to 5pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library
Register now as lunch will be provided
Offerings of Candles, Flowers, & Books to the 28 Buddhas

Dhamma Day, a Buddhist celebration, marks the day when Lord Buddha gave his first sermon to the five ascetics in Deer Park. Celebrated by Buddhists worldwide, it’s considered a time to reflect on the qualities of the Buddha and express gratitude for his teachings which offer humanity a way to find release from its bonds.

View Dhamma Day 2017 Talk by Bhante. Dhammaratana

View Dhamma Day 2017 Talk by Ven. Wan Chin (In Chinese)



Time Activities
10am – 10.30am Offerings to the 28 Buddhas and Chanting (Pali)礼敬二十八佛和诵经 (巴利文)
10.30am – 11.15am Chanting of Dhammacakka Sutta (First Sermon of the Buddha) 诵念转法轮经 (佛陀的第一个开示)
11.15am – 11.45am Dhamma Talk by Ven Chuan Guan 法师开示
11.45am – 12.30pm Dana to Venerables and lunch for all participants供养法师和提供午餐给参加法会者
1pm – 2.30pm Guided Meditation by Sis Foo Siew Ee & Sis Foo Siew Fong
3pm – 4pm Dhamma Talk by Bhante Wimalajothi 法师开示
4pm – 5pm Puja and Pali Chanting 法会和巴利文诵念