(Still taking in participants; cut-off is Wed 22 Feb 2023)
Date: 16 Feb – 27 Jul 2023 (Every Thu)
Time: 7.30 – 9.30PM
Venue: The Buddhist Library (BL)
Fees: $100 (BL Members), $200 only (Non members)
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About this program
This certificate course is about gaining a holistic introduction to Buddhism. The Library’s goal is for you, after completing the course, to have confidence in knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings (the Dhamma) and the practice of Buddhism.

About the classes

There will be 23 sessions across 5 months and they each comprise lessons and Q&A, devotional activities and a chance to interact with fellow students. A typical class may look like this:

  • 7.30-8.50pm: Opening, meditation practice and lesson
  • 8.50-9.00pm: Break
  • 9-9.30pm: Lesson, Q&A and wrap up

The list of topics to be taught is at the end of this page.

About the teachers
The course will be taught by the Buddhist Library’s resident monastic community (sangha), Venerable Dr. Wiloye Wimlajothi and Venerable Dr. Akiriye Somananda, as well as lay teachers Sister Foo Siew Fong and Brother Nikko Tan.

Profile image of Bhante Wimalajothi