Date: 1 Nov – 30 Nov 2020 (Special Blessing every Sunday)
Time: 10am – 12pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library
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The Buddhist Library Family Day Funfair has been the annual fundraising event that keeps the Library’s programmes & activities running. This event is a collaborated effort by all its members and supporters, enabling the Library to provide free Dhamma courses for anyone who is willing to attend.

This year we are facing one of the worst pandemic (COVID 19) that the world has ever seen. Millions of lives were taken and economy has been adversely affected. However, it is times like this that we must keep our faith in the Buddha and practise the Dhamma to overcome this obstacle. Our Bhantes will be conducting a special blessing throughout the month of November, and we hope all our members and supporters will continue to support us for this online version of fundraising event.

The funds raised for this event will also help to cover costs incurred due to recent renovation works in the 2nd level of the Buddhist Library. The renovation works aims to facilitate ease of cleaning and sanitizing of our auditorium and seminar rooms, providing a safer environment for us to practise in. We also like to use this opportunity to extend our help to the needy by raising funds for the elderly in Bright Hill Evergreen Home who are in need of essential items.

Please email the form to to show your support now! May the blessing of the Triple Gems be with you always.

(1) Offering of Candles
– Special blessing with names of donors on the candles
– Blessing done by Bhante Wimalajothi and Bhante Somananda every Sunday in the month of November

(2) Offering of Flowers
– Special blessing with names of donors on the flowers
– Blessing done by Bhante Wimalajothi and Bhante Somananda every Sunday in the month of November

(3) Sponsoring of Essential Items for the elderly
– Sponsoring essential items for the elderly of Bright Hill Evergreen Home
– Cooking Oil, Sesame Oil, Cordial Juice, Colgate Plax Mouthwash, Condense Milk, Traditional Black Coffee Powder

(4) Direct donation to the Buddhist Library
– Renovation works for 2nd level of the building
– Working fund to keep the programmes & activities running

(5) New Fut Kai Restaurant Vouchers ($28 per voucher)
– 32 pieces of New Fut Kai Restaurant vouchers worth $28 to be sold (8 pieces sold as of 31 Aug 2020)
– 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Buddhist Library working fund

BL Family Day 2019 Photo Gallery