Date: 6 Mar – 5 Jun 2020 (Every Fri) *No class on 10 Apr & 1 May
Time: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Venue: Buddhist Library, Level 2 Auditorium
Trainer: Venerable Wiloye Wimalajothi
Suspended due to DORSCON Orange

Bhante Wimalajothi will be teaching basic Buddhism through Suttapitaka.

1.Sela Sutta: A brahmanical ascetic Keniya visits the Buddha and expresses his delight.

2.Nagara Sutta: The story of how Buddha’s awakening came about through investigation into dependent origination.

3.Sabbāsawa Sutta: The Buddha outlines seven methods of dealing with defilements

4.Sallekha Sutta: The teaching given by the Buddha to Mahacunda on the true purpose of the spiritual life.

5.Kāmabhogi Sutta: Ten kinds of persons who enjoy sensual pleasures found existing in the world.

6.Khaggavisāna Sutta: This sutta is a very early Buddhist text advocating the merits of solitary asceticism for pursuing enlightenment as opposed to practicing as a household or in a community of monastics.

7.Cunda Sutta: This sutta explains what are the Threefold impurity and purity and the result of them.

8.Mahadhamma Samādāna Sutta: While we all want to be happy, we often find the opposite happens. The Buddha explains why.

9.Bāhiyadāruciriya Udāna

10.Tālaputa Theragāthā

11.Ambapāli Therigāthā

12.Puppha Vagga

About The Trainer: Venerable Wiloye Wimalajothi