Date: 5 Jan 2019 to 23 Mar 2019 (Every Sat)
Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm
Venue: Buddhist Library, Level 2 Auditorium
Trainer: Venerable Wiloye Wimalajothi

Bhante Wimalajothi will be teaching basic Buddhism through Suttapitaka.

-Metta Sutta: The practice of universal love for all beings
-Mettānisamsa Sutta: Advantageous practicing universal love
-Lokadhamma Sutta: The nature of eight manifestations of worldly vicissitude
-Dīghajān̥u (Vyagghapajja) Sutta: Conditions of worldly and spiritual progress
-Vasala Sutta: The Buddha’s definition of spiritual outcast; right conduct makes nobility.
-Kālāma Sutta: The Charter for free inquiry, urging us to work out and study the truth for ourselves and not to rely on others.
-Sigāla Sutta: The layman’s code of ethics – domestic and social relations.
-Mahāgopāla Sutta: A monk who has the corresponding eleven bad qualities is not capable of showing growth and progress in the Dhamma and Vinaya.
-Girimānanda Sutta: The enumeration and description of the ten kinds of perception or comtemplation.
-Mahākassapatthera Bojjhan̊ga Sutta: Seven Factors of Enlightenment – the concentration on the Bojjhan̊gas cured the ailments.
-Tālaputa Theragathā: The verses of Arahant Tālaputa Thera.
-Puppha Vagga: Dhammapada – Chapter of flowers

About The Trainer: Venerable Wiloye Wimalajothi