Date: Tue 8 Nov 2022
Time: 7.30pm to ~9.45pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library Auditorium and Facebook Live
No registration needed. Come early to secure a seat.

Venerable Ajahn Karuniko will visit Singapore in November and his teaching will include a talk at the Buddhist Library on 8 Nov 2022.

About Ajahn Karuniko

Venerable Ajahn Karuniko

Ajahn Karuniko is a guiding elder at the Cittaviveka monastery in the United Kingdom.

Ajahn Karuniko was born in Greater Manchester in 1953. After graduating in Electronic Engineering in 1975 he worked for several years before coming to take up residence as a novice at Cittaviveka in 1982. He became a bhikkhu in 1984 at Cittaviveka with Ajahn Sumedho as his preceptor. From 2014 to 2019 Ajahn Karuniko served as the abbot of Cittaviveka.

(Cittaviveka is a monastery in the lineage of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism.  It was established in 1979 by Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, who was the first abbot.)