Date: 10 May 2017 (Wed)
Time: 08.00am – 9.00pm
Venue: The Buddhist Library

Time Activity
08.00am – Morning Puja & Blessings (English & Pali)
09.00am – Chanting of “Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Text” (Chinese) led by Ven. Seck Wan Chin
 10.00am – Create Your Own Flower Arrangement *Demo & Offerings to the Buddha, led by Bro Ken

– Opening Ceremony of Buddhist Art Exhibition

10.30am – Bathing Prince Siddhartha
11.00am – Puja Chanting & Blessings (English & Pali)
11.30am – Vesak Address by Bhante Dhammaratana followed by Dana for Mahasangha
12.00pm – Vegetarian Lunch
01.00pm – Performances by BL Sunday School
01.30pm – Blessings by Bhantes (runs till 6.30pm)
03.00pm – Tea Break
03.30pm – Dhamma Talk “Buddhist Ethics” by Prof Frank Hoffman
07.00pm – Candle Light Procession
08.00pm – “How to celebrate Vesak in a meaningful way” by Bhante Dhammaratana
08.45pm – Light Refreshments

Donations for THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly

We will be inviting the elderly from HK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly and give them ang baos and goodie bags. We will also be providing 2 way transportation to share the joy of Vesak by ferrying them to the Library for lunch. As such, we seek your support to donate any amount to defray these costs.



How To Make Payment

  1. Cash or NETS – please make payment at our counter. – Please inform the counterstaff that the donation is for THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly for Vesak Day 2561.
  2. Cheque – Please make cheque payable to “Buddhist Research Society” and mail the cheque to us. Kindly indicate “Donation for THK Bedok Radiance SAC Elderly” at the back of the cheque.


以支票付款,请把支票开给”Buddhist Research Society”,并在支票后面注明捐赠给“德教太和观家庭服务中心(勿洛北)”。


The Buddhist Library reserve the rights to change or cancel any part of the programme due to unforeseen circumstances. No cancellations will be accepted.

About Prof. Frank Hoffman

Professor Frank J. Hoffman received the PhD in Philosophy of Religion at King’s College, University of London and the MA degree in Philosophy at University of Hawaii, Manoa.  Dr. Hoffman is Associate Editor of the international journal, Asian Philosophy (Routledge), Visiting Professor, Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong, and Visiting Scholar, South Asia Center, University of Pennsylvania.  Frank J. Hoffman has 119 publications including four books: Rationality and Mind in Early Buddhism (India 1987, 2002); Pali Buddhism with Deegalle Mahinda (England 1996); Breaking Barriers with Godabarisha Mishra (USA 2003); and Introduction to Early Buddhism:  Philosophical Texts, Concepts, and Questions (Sri Lanka 2013).  He has lectured in USA, China, Hong Kong, India, England, Germany, Japan, and Korea. Professor Hoffman taught Asian and Comparative Philosophy in USA for about 30 years, has been a visiting professor in China at universities such as Peking, Fudan, and Wuhan, and is now based in Hong Kong.