• Abhidhammic Interpretations of Early Buddhist Teachings
    Author: Prof G. D. Sumanapala This short treatise entitled Äbhidhammic Interpretations of Early Buddhist Teachings" was prepared as a guide to the students of the Postgraduate Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies at the Graduate School of Buddhist Studies, Buddhist Research Society in Singapore. I was invited by Ven. Bellanwila Dhammaratana Thera, the chief advisor of the Buddhist Research Society, to give a series of lectures on Abhidhamma for the students of the above mentioned course. The lectures that I gave there within a period of one month were transformed into a booklet due to the request made by the students.
  • Adhyardhasatika Prajnaparamita
    Author: Toru Tomabechi
  • Advice from A Spirtual Friend
    Author: Geshe Rabten & Geshe Dhargyey These teachings on thought transformation encompass the essence of Mahayana Buddhism, the school of Buddhism that emphasizes compassionate activity and focuses on the welfare and enlightenment of all beings. Thought transformation has its origin in the spiritual transmissions passed on by the Indian pandit Atisha to his Tibetan disciples in the first century of the second millennium A.D. Its significance to a life of dignity, honesty, and intelligence is as vital now when we enter the third millennium as it was then. It was the down-to-earth practicality and the universal nature of the advice that initially struck me and has led to these teachings becoming part of my life.
  • An Introduction to Buddhism
    Author: Ven Dr. H Saddhatissa "An Introduction to Buddhism" written by the reputable Buddhist scholar, Ven. Dr. H. Saddhatissa, author of many well-known publications, provides a very concise explaination of the Fundamental Teachings of the Buddha which can be easily understood by all. The reader will find it an extremely valuable handbook, as it offers a sound foundation to the basic tenants of Buddhism. I therefore, feel that copies of this book should be made available as a gift of Dhamma to all those who desire to study and practise Buddhism. Fortunately, the author has freely given us his permission to reprint his book in Singapore. I take this opportunity to express my most sincere thanks to him for his kind and generous gesture. Ven. B. Dhammaratana Thero (Advisor of Buddhist Research Society Publication Committee.)
  • Author: G.D. Sumanapala
  • Author: W.S. Karunaratne
  • Buddhist Snippets
    Author: Jeffrey G.T.Po This book is about the sharing of personal thoughts and views of Jeffrey and those of some important Buddhist personalities whom he met in Singapore. Some of these views and thoughts carry messages of the Lord Buddha Gotama while others were observations and opinions of individuals subsequently expressed in the written form many had been submitted to the "FOR YOU INFORMATION" magazine for publication. The loftiness of the philosophical idealism and psychological depth of Buddhism can sometimes by outside the reaches of people. Here Jefferey shares his personal experiences and feelings that brings Buddhism to a more mundane level. The essays herein covered a wide range of interests and ought to create some stir within the reader. It is written in simple style and readers should not find the ideas and concepts expressed therein difficult to grasp and understand. They are useful life skills that can be employed to navigate in the sea of uncertainties.
  • Author: Robert H. Thouless
  • Author: Bellanwilla Wimalaratana This work being essentially a study of the origin and development of the Mahapurisa (Great Man) concept in Buddhism consists of seven chapters entitled (i) "Aspects of the Mahapurisa Concept", Later development of the concept and Trikaya (three body) theory in Mahayana Buddhism, "Mahapurisa as Buddha and Cakkavatti, Study of the thirty-two characteristics , Icongraphical representation of the thirty-two marks, Ethical foundation of the Mahapurisa concept and Conclusion.
  • Dhamma Man and Law
    Author: K.N Jayatilleke Originally entitled "The Principles of International Law in Buddhist Doctrine", this series of five lectures read before the Academy of International Law investigates the Buddhist attitude to law and the Buddhist conception of law, including international law. The late author, Prof K N Jayatilleke studied at both Cambridge and London universities, was a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences and was recognised as one of the leading Buddhist philosophers of his time.
  • Early Buddhist Philosophy And Social Concepts
    Author: Prof G. D. Sumanapala
  • Economics in Buddhist Perspective
    Author: Senatrat Wijnyasudara This Essay is an outgrowth of a Talk given sometime back at a Seminar organized by the Sri Lanka Buddhist Congress. Of late the attempt to determine the Buddhist position in relation to Economics has aroused a keen interest among Buddhist scholars and as a result of that a good number of contributions have been made. In this Essay I venture to look at the subject in general terms. Here I have incorporated what I published elsewhere while adding new material in order to make the discussion as comprehensive as it could be. My sincere thanks go to the Venerable B Dhammaratana Thera Chief Incumbent of the Bellanvila Raja Mahaviharaya in Sri Lanka and Religious Advisor of Tisarana Buddhist Association of Singapore who kindly saw to the publication of this Essay which tries to clarify the position of the Buddha on this important issue.